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Introducing the SL75 Stageline - Now available for rent in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta.

SL75 | Stageline

Presenting our Stageline SL75 Mobile Stage System. If you're looking for a complete covered stage solution, the stageline SL series is the industry standard.

Large optional banners (ordered separately), help showcase your brand by giving it large and focused visibilty.

Audience Size: Recommended for viewing crowds of 500 - 2000 people.
Floor Space: 20′ x 16′ - Optional Extentions Available
Setup Time: 45 Minutes or Less
Weather Ready: Rainproof and extreme wind tolerant up to 123 - 185 km/hour (depending on configurations)

Fully Roofed | Engineered | Quick Assembly

Here are some additional features of the SL75 stage.

Towable: Stage is towed onto site for quick assembly.
Extensions: Add 4'x8' extensions to increase floor space.
Advertisement: Add large banners to promote event or cause.
Engineered: Fully engineered for easy permitting.
Rigging: Total roof load bearing capacity: 1930kg

Reach out to us contactus@therentalbrothers.com for a detailed quote.

Versatile Towable Hydraulically Expanding Trailer System

The SL75 is engineered and built based on the IBC (International building code) NBC (National building code) and Exceeds AINSI standard.
Find out more here: SL75 Brochure

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